Courtroom & Technology

The look, feel, and function of the Business Court’s courtroom and attorney workspaces is expected to rival that of any trial court in the country.  While construction is ongoing (see images below), and is expected to be completed in early-November 2020, the courtroom and related space is starting to take shape.  A diagram of the courtroom, in addition to CGI renderings, are included below.  For those who have visited the courtrooms of the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Supreme Court of Georgia, the furniture and fixtures of the Business Court courtroom will have a familiar look and feel (see examples below from the Supreme Court courtroom).

Under Construction
Courtroom Diagram
Courtroom Diagram - Georgia State-wide Business Court
Courtroom Renderings
Furniture and Fixtures – Examples

One additional point on the Business Court courtroom.  While the space has been designed specifically to accommodate bench trials, oral argument, and other proceedings, whether remote or in-person, it was not designed to accommodate jury trials for two reasons.  First, the Nathan Deal Judicial Center, which was completed in late-2019, was not originally designed with the Business Court in mind.  As such, security concerns and space limitations make holding jury trials in the building impractical and imprudent, and would likely cause significant disruption to the operations of the other courts and agencies in the building.  Second, the Enabling Legislation that created the Business Court contemplates that litigants in Business Court are entitled to opt for a trial by jury, and that such trial is to occur in the venue where the case could have been brought in the first instance, with the Business Court judge presiding.  Consequently, the Business Court will not hold jury trials in the Nathan Deal Judicial Center, but instead will work with local courts and counsel for the parties, among others, to facilitate the holding of jury trials in the appropriate venues throughout the State.